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As I add 45s to our inventory, I pick select 45s to highlight with mp3 "snippets" so you can hear the music yourself. I only record "snippets" of tunes I particularly like, ones I think have been under-played and under-appreciated, or ones that are so rare and wonderful I'll never hear them otherwise. For myself, I keep an iTunes playlist of these "snippets," and that playlist is one I listen to most often. These pages chronicle the mp3 "snippets" I've added to our online "jukebox" in reverse chronological order. You can browse the pages to see what was added and when. Click on the blue "Play" button to play the snippet, or click on a song's title to load the page. Many of these 45 records are still for sale, though just as many have been sold. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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July 2016 (18 Added)

In Stock

Bobby Sheen, Dimension 1043
Bobby Sheen
1965, Dimension 1043
Genre: Other Northern Soul
This single has two great sides, but I find "Sweetheart" the more immediately satisfying. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" to hear for yourself.

Out of Stock

Barenaked Ladies, Reprise 17174
Barenaked Ladies
1998, Reprise 17174
Genre: Modern Rock
This U.S. chart-topper is one of the very best of the band's output, not counting the theme song from "The Big Bang Theory." :-)

Out of Stock

Sugar Boy Williams, Raines 2906
Sugar Boy Williams
1964, Raines 2906
Genre: RnB
Williams recorded "Little Girl" several times over the course of his career. This is a to-die-for uptempo RnB version... perhaps the best version, and one that doesn't appear to be in iTunes or other online music services. Have a listen to our mp3 "snippet" to hear.

In Stock

Patti Jerome, American Arts 10
Patti Jerome
1964, American Arts 10
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Two great Northern Soul dancers, with a particular nod to the B side in this case: "No More Tears" has a terrific rhythm section that made want to put an mp3 "snippet" in our "jukebox" so you could hear it, too!

Out of Stock

Jeree Palmer, Columbia 10123
Jeree Palmer
1975, Columbia 10123
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
This exciting Motown-style dancer is so good I had to get an mp3 "snippet" in our online "jukebox" right away!

In Stock

T.U.M.E., MGM 14799
1975, MGM 14799
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
This rarely seen single has a dynamite Northern Soul-meets-Disco dancer. The group's name is an acronym for "The Ultimate Musical Experience."

In Stock

Anna King, Smash 1904
Anna King
1964, Smash 1904
Genre: Funky Soul
Under the watchful eye of James Brown, Anna King released two terrific Deep Soul-style numbers on this little 45. The A side is a Deep Soul ballad, while the uptempo flip (check out our mp3 "snippet") verges on Funky Soul.

Out of Stock

Lorraine (Iris) Washington, J-V 1032
Lorraine (Iris) Washington
1966, J-V 1032
Genre: Other Northern Soul
This obscure, rarely seen single has two terrific Northern Soul numbers definitely worth seeking out. Not sure which I like best, but I'm putting "Sweetie Pie" in our mp3 "jukebox"... so have a listen!

In Stock

Joe Tex, Dial 4022
Joe Tex
1965, Dial 4022
Genre: Deep Soul
One of my personal favorite Joe Tex singles... quite hard to find in this condition.

Out of Stock

The Beach Boys, Capitol 2068
The Beach Boys
1967, Capitol 2068
Genre: Sunshine Pop
This is a beautiful copy of a great Beach Boys single, featuring a B side that could have been an A side on its own, taken from the Pet Sounds LP. Chock full of Brian Wilson production surprises, like his best work. I've been seeking a nice copy of this single ever since the A side was featured on the "Big Bang Theory" TV show. I really love that line "You soften my life with your love, your precious love..."

Out of Stock

The Byrds, Columbia 43271
The Byrds
1965, Columbia 43271
Genre: Folk Rock
Beautiful copy of an essential 1960's classic — one of the nicest I've yet had to offer on the site. The audio will blow you away — brilliant and pristine! I finally made a snippet, since I just don't hear that gorgeous guitar opener often enough: Once a day will definitely keep my music doctor away. :-)

In Stock

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew, Reality 988
Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
1988, Reality 988
Genre: Rap
Not that the A side ("Keep Risin' To The Top"), which was a big hit, is bad, but it pales when compared with the explosion of Rap/Hip-Hop creativity in "The Show," which was the first hit for the talented duo of Doug E. Fresh and Ricky D, who went on to a successful rap career as Slick Rick. "The Show" was originally released on Reality 242 in 1985 (it also hit #4) and for some reason was reprised on the B side of this 1988 hit.

Out of Stock

The Grass Roots, Dunhill/ABC 4335
The Grass Roots
1973, Dunhill/ABC 4335
Genre: Bubblegum
This was the group's last chart single for Dunhill... and still a pure bubblegum joy!

In Stock

The Francettes, Valiant 718
The Francettes
1965, Valiant 718
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
What a great find! The A side could well be The Marvelettes, in a fine uptempo Northern Soul dancer, Motown-style.

Out of Stock

Irma Thomas, Imperial 66137
Irma Thomas
1965, Imperial 66137
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
This single's A side finds New Orleans Soul master Allen Toussaint concocting a heady brew of Motown-style soul, delivering a stomping dancer you won't want to miss!

In Stock

C And The Shells, Zanzee 101
C And The Shells
1972, Zanzee 101
Genre: Funky Soul
Excellent Funky Soul outing by the group that had previously called itself The Sandpebbles. The flip is particularly sought after... have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" in our "jukebox" to hear why.

Out of Stock

Elvis Presley, RCA 8100
Elvis Presley
1962, RCA 8100
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Here's a beautiful original pressing of this classic, must-have Elvis Presley single, which is blessed with simply awesome audio. Have a listen to the mp3 snippet to hear for yourself.

Out of Stock

Gene Pitney, Musicor 1011
Gene Pitney
1961, Musicor 1011
Genre: Vocal Groups (Doo-Wop)
Would you believe that in all my 40+ years of record collecting and dealing I've never had a decent original pressing of this early Pitney/Spector masterpiece of doo-wop-style pop craft. And here I found one worth selling that comes in a beautiful copy of the release's striking picture sleeve. Besides Pitney's performance, of course, what makes this recording truly special is Phil Spector's production chops — one of his earliest "Wall of Sound" efforts. Add to that the stunning music and lyrics by Gerry Goffin & Carole King, and you have the makings of a pop masterpiece.

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