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#466 (Marsh 1001)  
#299 (RS 500)  
Tired of Being Alone/ Get Back Baby by Al Green

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Label: Hi 2194 Year: 1971
Factory sleeve included
Condition: M $16.00
Tired of Being Alone/ Get Back BabyMy absolutely favorite Al Green single. His vocal acrobatics during this recording display the full range of his capabilities, all in one song. It still gives me goose-bumps! And do you know, this is only the fourth decent original I've had to sell in over 12 years in business! It's easy to ruin styrene pressings with a lousy needle. And many of Al Green singles fall in that category for some reason. This one shows just how good styrene can sound when it's in pristine condition. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet"! Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Hi Records factory sleeve. It has Near Mint labels and pristine mint vinyl (styrene) and audio.
Condition Detail:Label: M-   |   Vinyl: M   |   Audio: MWritten by: Al Green (A&B)Produced by: Willie MitchellChart info: #7r, #11p in July 1971Track time(s): A: 2:45 | B: 2:10Mix: Mono


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 I've Found Someone of My Own/ I Can't Convince My Heart I've Found Someone of My Own/ I Can't Convince My Heart by The Free Movement
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