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As I add 45s to our inventory, I pick select 45s to highlight with mp3 "snippets" so you can hear the music yourself. I only record "snippets" of tunes I particularly like, ones I think have been under-played and under-appreciated, or ones that are so rare and wonderful I'll never hear them otherwise. For myself, I keep an iTunes playlist of these "snippets," and that playlist is one I listen to most often. These pages chronicle the mp3 "snippets" I've added to our online "jukebox" in reverse chronological order. You can browse the pages to see what was added and when. Click on the blue "Play" button to play the snippet, or click on a song's title to load the page. Many of these 45 records are still for sale, though just as many have been sold. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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December 2015 (15 Added)

Marlowe Morris Quintet, Columbia 42218
Marlowe Morris Quintet
1962, Columbia 42218
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Morris was a Black jazz organist, and this is the only single that registered on a U.S. National chart. When I first heard the track, I didn't think I could call it Jazz, but wasn't sure what genre to put it in. I noticed that Northern Soul fans see this as a "Latin" dance track, but I don't want to call it "Latin" either. So, I just ended up putting it in as a Soul Instrumental. And it's a really fine one — so fine I had to quickly put an mp3 snippet in our "jukebox" so you could hear the track.

The Beatles, Capitol 5555
The Beatles
1965, Capitol 5555
Genre: Power Pop
It's this single's B side, "Day Tripper", that's at #382 in the Marsh 1001 list. Not that the A side, "We Can Work It Out", is a wallflower of any kind... it comes in at #699 on Marsh's list! I'd say this is a great Beatles single to own! This beautiful pressing with the original Mono mixes, which are so beautiful I had to put one of them in the "jukebox"... so have a listen!

Eddie Banks, TMI 0111
Eddie Banks
1972, TMI 0111
Genre: Funky Soul
I'm not sure what else Eddie Banks did, but on the evidence here, he should have left more recordings for us to marvel over. I don't usually make 2-star recommendations on 45s I've just held and listened to for the first time, because a song I thought I'd never tire of (one of my criteria for a 2-star) can surprise you and get old after half a dozen listens. So, I usually wait until I've heard a song/record a few times before considering a 2-star rating. But honestly, this whole production — from Banks' terrific vocals to the iconic guitar riff to the propulsive rhythm section to the song itself — is so impressive I had to give in to my first impressions. Most collectors home in on the B side ("Consider Me"), which I agree is the better of the two. Have a listen to the mp3 snippet I've added to our "jukebox" (the "play" button) to see what you think.

Los Del Rio, RCA 07863
Los Del Rio
1995, RCA 07863
Genre: Latin
I'm sorry, but your collection simply isn't complete without this original version of "Macarena." (FYI, this "Bayside Boys Mix" version of the LP cut clocks at 3:52. The LP version is 4:12.) Even if you got sick of it back in the day, you will regret not listening to "Macarena" again after the passage of a few years. As the Borg would say (sorry, Star-Trek-nerd alert), "Resistance is futile!" :-)

Vogues, Co & Ce 229
1965, Co & Ce 229
Genre: Power Pop
How is it that a vocal group from Pennsylvania got a crack at this great tune penned by then-popular Petula Clark and hubby Tony Hatch before Petula did? Her version of "You're The One" did chart as a single in the U.K., but only a couple of months after The Vogues release on Co & Ce. And don't forget, this essential Vogues recording had already been released on the small label Blue Star, which is what brought the group to the attention of slightly larger Co & Ce. (I suspect that Petula recorded this as a cut on one of her albums, and that's how the Vogues discovered it.) By the way, the reason I call this Power Pop rather than Sunshine Pop is because of the awesome electric guitar lead — it's a signature of the evolving Power Pop sound.

Donnie Elbert, Atco 6550
Donnie Elbert
1968, Atco 6550
Genre: Deep Soul
Between his first chart record in 1957 until he finally had a hit in 1971 with a cover of The Supremes "Where Did Our Love Go" on All Platinum, Donnie Elbert (here spelled "Donny") released many singles on many different labels, but his amazing, care-free falsetto went unrecognized at the National level. This is a particularly good single from his years in the "wilderness," with two great horn-filled tracks recorded under the guidance of famed Atlantic producer Arif Mardin. Not sure where these were recorded, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn it was Muscle Shoals' Fame studios, cause the backing band is that great! I liked the lovely, mid-tempo A side so much I quickly added an mp3 snippet to our "jukebox", so have a listen!

Ernie K-Doe, Minit 623
Ernie K-Doe
1961, Minit 623
Genre: Rockin' RnB
Yes, the A side, "Mother-in-Law," deserves to be on Dave Marsh's list of the 1,001 greatest singles, and it's one of the late, great New Orleans musical genius Allen Toussaint's biggest hits as a songwriter (he produced it as well, but it's not credited on the record). But have a listen to the B side... over time, I gave it 5 stars in my iTunes library, where "Mother-in-Law", I see, has only 4 stars. It's a catchy song that swings more than "Mother" and veers toward the sort of proto-Soul Lloyd Price was doing at the time.

Count Basie & His Orch., Roulette 4465
Count Basie & His Orch.
1963, Roulette 4465
Genre: Christmas
This is the best new (to me) Christmas tune I've heard in years! Simply awesome jazz arrangement of a Christmas classic.

Bill Withers, Sussex 241
Bill Withers
1972, Sussex 241
Genre: Funky Soul
This beautiful copy's brilliant, mint audio is boggling my mind... have a listen to the snippet to remind yourself of just how awesome this recording is!

Simon & Garfunkel, Columbia 45133
Simon & Garfunkel
1970, Columbia 45133
Genre: Folk Rock
This is a beautiful, Near Mint copy of the duo's second big hit from their best and, sadly, final album, Bridge Over Troubled Water. What the heck is that rhythm section doing, by the way? Anybody ever figure it out (without looking at the session notes)? By the way, it's not your imagination — the 45 rpm version of "Cecilia" is speeded up from the LP version, which probably explains why the track is only 2:40 on the 45 but 2:55 on the LP. (!) I actually measured it by recording a snippet of the 45 (have a listen!). That segment is 2 seconds shorter from the 45 (1:43:66) than from the LP (1:45:713). Another reason why collecting 45s is so rewarding. Maybe you wondered if the LP version of "Cecilia" sounded slow all these years, but couldn't figure out why. Now you know... and you weren't imagining it!

Carl Douglas, Okeh 7287
Carl Douglas
1967, Okeh 7287
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Yes, I do believe this is the same Carl Douglas who finally had a big hit in 1974 with the Disco-esque "Kung Fu Fighting!" Here, he's credited as "Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede," and what he's doing has nothing to do with Disco and everything to do with extremely wonderful Northern Soul with some catchy horn charts thrown in. Liked the A side so much I had to quickly make an mp3 "snippet" for our "jukebox" (Have a listen!).

Erma Franklin, Shout 218
Erma Franklin
1967, Shout 218
Genre: Deep Soul
This single's A side is an astonishingly creative and powerful Deep Soul remake of the Jimmy Reed blues classic, with a rhythm section so hot it'll burn your feet if you don't do something about it! Seriously fine Soul! (Have a listen to the mp3 snippet I've added to our "jukebox" to see what I mean!)

White Stripes, Third Man 262
White Stripes
2003, Third Man 262
Genre: Modern Rock
The A side was originally released in 2003, but there was no U.S. 7-inch vinyl release at that time. This 2015 single is the first generally available U.S. 7-inch 45 rpm record for the song, which is an essential touchstone in the history of Modern Rock/Grunge.

The Beach Boys, Capitol 5118
The Beach Boys
1964, Capitol 5118
Genre: Surf/Cars
This is a pristine Mint copy of one of the group's best rockers, which again cites Chuck Berry in the classic opening lead guitar line. Oh, and in case you were under the impression that this was one of the Beach Boys' lesser hits, please note that no less a critic than Dave Marsh pegs "Fun, Fun, Fun" as the second best single of their career, and one of only 6 of their 45s he includes in the list of the 1,001 greatest singles of Rock'n'Soul. (His top pick is "Don't Worry Baby.")

Eddie Curtis, Josie 957
Eddie Curtis
1966, Josie 957
Genre: Other Northern Soul
This great dance track is called different genres across the web — because nobody knows quite what to call it, in my opinion! It borders RnB and Northern Soul, for sure, but I've also seen it referred to as "Popcorn", "Mod" RnB, and "Boogaloo." Whatever you call it, have a listen to the snippet and you'll see why this track's in demand among Soul dance club fans!

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