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As I add 45s to our inventory, I pick select 45s to highlight with mp3 "snippets" so you can hear the music yourself. I only record "snippets" of tunes I particularly like, ones I think have been under-played and under-appreciated, or ones that are so rare and wonderful I'll never hear them otherwise. For myself, I keep an iTunes playlist of these "snippets," and that playlist is one I listen to most often. These pages chronicle the mp3 "snippets" I've added to our online "jukebox" in reverse chronological order. You can browse the pages to see what was added and when. Click on the blue "Play" button to play the snippet, or click on a song's title to load the page. Many of these 45 records are still for sale, though just as many have been sold. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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November 2015 (9 Added)

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Derek Martin, Crackerjack 4013
Derek Martin
1963, Crackerjack 4013
Genre: Deep Soul
I'm not sure if this is the very first version of "Daddy Rollin' Stone," but I did figure out where I'd heard it before — and you'll never guess (unless you're a certain kind of music nerd :-) that source: It was the B side of The Who's second U.K. single, "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere." Yep... They did a cover, and it's a damn good one, too! The U.S. single had a different B side. Anyway, you gotta have a copy of this one — it's outrageously great, and that's just the A side!

Out of Stock

Blues Busters, Shout 235
Blues Busters
1968, Shout 235
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Now here's a rarity I'm glad I met up with! From what I can tell, it doesn't come up for sale very often, especially in this kind of condition. The "Plug Side" ("Inspired") finds the crack Fame Studios band under Rick Hall hammering out an honest-to-god Northern Soul beat. The giveaway is the horn charts, which are more Southern Soul fare. :-) I was so taken with the A side that I went ahead and made an mp3 snippet for the Classic 45s "jukebox"... so have a listen!

Out of Stock

Sonny & Cher, Atco 6359
Sonny & Cher
1965, Atco 6359
Genre: Folk Rock
This is one of the nicest copies of this classic single that I've had to offer since opening the store in 2001, and it's the first whose audio is close enough to perfect to grade Mint... a real treat! It's also worth noting that this single appears on both the Dave Marsh Top 1,001 Singles (#228) and the Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs (#451) lists! That's one of the reasons it's hard to keep in stock!

Out of Stock

The Turtles, White Whale 227
The Turtles
1966, White Whale 227
Genre: Sunshine Pop
There aren't too many perfect pop confections that make me smile like this one! As such, it simply must be in our online "jukebox" of mp3 snippets. This early Turtles single isn't as well known as some of their later ones, but after you hear the snippet, I'm sure you'll agree it's one of their very best.

Out of Stock

The Yardbirds, Epic 9790
The Yardbirds
1965, Epic 9790
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Here's a remarkably beautiful copy of this 1960s Rock classic, impossible to find in decent condition but a single I always try to keep in stock. This time I lucked out: This copy miraculously retains pristine audio — so special I recorded it quickly to iTunes and then made an mp3 snippet so you can hear for yourself! "For Your Love" was this seminal Hard Rock group's first and biggest U.S. hit. If I'm not mistaken, this is the combination of Yardbirds that found Jeff Beck playing lead guitar. As I recall, Eric Clapton left the group earlier in 1965, sort of in protest to the other members' interest in abandoning pure Blues and RnB for a catchy pop song like "For Your Love." All I can say is, "For Your Love" may be a catchy pop song as done by some other band, but this Yardbirds manage to put a muscular, almost sinister cast to the number, making it a prime example of hard rock, in the style being hammered out by bands like the Rolling Stones and Animals at the time.

Out of Stock

Barbara Greene, Vivid 105
Barbara Greene
1964, Vivid 105
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
This 2-star record has two great sides in a Motown mold: A scorching uptempo A side a la Martha & the Vandellas (have a listen to the mp3 snippet!), and a sexy slow number a la Mary Wells on the flip. In this original 1964 release, the matrix numbers suggest that the A side was "Should Have Treated", which is definitely my pick for the A side! For some reason, these tracks were re-released on Renee 5001 in 1968, and on that release, it's clear that "Young Boy" is the A side. Incidentally, the audio on this 1964 pressing is significantly better (more dynamic range, for one thing) than the 1968 Renee pressing... so significant that I felt the need to create a new mp3 snippet for this Vivid release.

Out of Stock

The Invincibles, WB 7061
The Invincibles
1967, WB 7061
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
Wow! Talk about great Northern Soul dance music! You can't go wrong with either side of this rare single, though the excellent Motown-style arrangement on "Woman" (the B side) gets the nod from most Northern Soul enthusiasts, myself included. (Have a listen to the mp3 snippet I just added to our "jukebox"!)

Out of Stock

Lenis Guess, Peanut Country 1002
Lenis Guess
1966, Peanut Country 1002
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Now, here's another artist that's new to me, even after all these years. Apparently, Lenis Guess had quite a few 45s in the 1960s, most of them highly collectable. Here, you get two dynamite, and very different, sides: Check out the mp3 "snippet" of the seriously fine dancer on the A side!

In Stock

The Malibus, Sure-Shot 5008
The Malibus
1965, Sure-Shot 5008
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Both of these delightful dance tracks are well worth seeking out, but I'm among those who find "Strong Love" on the flip the better find (have a listen to the mp3 snippet!).

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