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As I add 45s to our inventory, I pick select 45s to highlight with mp3 "snippets" so you can hear the music yourself. I only record "snippets" of tunes I particularly like, ones I think have been under-played and under-appreciated, or ones that are so rare and wonderful I'll never hear them otherwise. For myself, I keep an iTunes playlist of these "snippets," and that playlist is one I listen to most often. These pages chronicle the mp3 "snippets" I've added to our online "jukebox" in reverse chronological order. You can browse the pages to see what was added and when. Click on the blue "Play" button to play the snippet, or click on a song's title to load the page. Many of these 45 records are still for sale, though just as many have been sold. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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April 2017 (18 Added)

In Stock

04/30/17, 1963
Paul Steffen
1963, Cite 5007
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
This single's B side is a great almost-rockabilly, almost-doo-wop track... credited as Paul Steffen and The Apollos. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet"!

Out of Stock

04/28/17, 1978
Margie Joseph
1978, Atlantic 3445
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
Two terrific Philly-style dancers, written and produced by Johnny Bristol, on this one little 45... no wonder it's in such high demand! I liked the B side so much I made an mp3 "snippet" of it... so have a listen! Many collectors prefer the delightful A side.

In Stock

04/27/17, 1968
Woody Guenther & Cheaters
1968, Shout 229
Genre: Funky Soul
Fantastic funk/soul workout on the A side... Check it out: Play our mp3 "snippet" to hear how awesome it is!

In Stock

04/25/17, 1988
Inner City
1988, Virgin 99260
Genre: Techno/Synth Pop
This fantastic techno dancer has two special-for-45 versions: The "Radio Fun" version and "Juan's Magic Remix" version, both remixes of the 3:25 album track.

In Stock

Sade, Portrait 04807
1985, Portrait 04807
Genre: Modern Soul
The terrific B side of "Smooth Operator" is a non-album track. The A side is perhaps my favorite Sade tune, but I had to make an mp3 "snippet" of the B side because it's so great and elsewhere unavailable: You gotta get this little 45 to enjoy the full track! And don't try looking in iTunes: You won't find it there since iTunes mainly captures albums, not singles.

Out of Stock

Lou Ragland, SMH 71842
Lou Ragland
1974, SMH 71842
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
Here's a very nice copy of this rare 1974 single, whose A side is so awesome I had to rush-release an mp3 "snippet" of it... Have a listen! I hope it captures the essence of the recording.

In Stock

Al Kent, Ric-Tic 133
Al Kent
1968, Ric-Tic 133
Genre: Soul Instrumentals
This 1968 single features two great Soul instrumentals. I liked the B side so much I've added an mp3 "snippet" for you to hear... Enjoy!

In Stock

John Michael Montgomery, Atlantic 87236
John Michael Montgomery
1994, Atlantic 87236
Genre: Country
This terrific Country chart-topper is one of several by this artist to cross over to the Pop market. Have a listen to the mp3 snippet, and you might hear why! This one borders on Rockabilly.

Out of Stock

Kim Tolliver, Sure-Shot 5035
Kim Tolliver
1967, Sure-Shot 5035
Genre: Other Northern Soul
The A side is a powerful Deep Soul ballad, but the real action is the super-hot B side dancer. Check out the mp3 "snippet" to hear it.

In Stock

Depeche Mode, Sire 27991
Depeche Mode
1988, Sire 27991
Genre: Techno/Synth Pop
This single has two versions of this track... a 45 radio remix/edit of a 5:17 album track, and the medley version, which is the side that got airplay at the time. This terrific medley with "Route 66" was a non-album track.

In Stock

Ray Charles, Crossover 985
Ray Charles
1976, Crossover 985
Genre: Deep Soul
This is my absolute favorite rendition of the song many think should be our National Anthem. Dave Marsh honors it by including it in his list of the 1,001 greatest singles of Rock'n'Soul.

Out of Stock

The Parakeets, Jubilee 5407
The Parakeets
1961, Jubilee 5407
Genre: Vocal Groups (Doo-Wop)
If you're a fan of great Doo Wop, like me, this single's A side will slide through your ears like a gorgeous slice of fruit candy. I was so smitten I had to make an mp3 "snippet" of it for our "jukebox", so have a listen!

In Stock

Carl Mann, Phillips Int'l 3546
Carl Mann
1959, Phillips Int'l 3546
Genre: Rockabilly/Retro
Here's a beautiful copy of Carl Mann's second Phillips Int'l single, his followup to the classic "Mona Lisa" featuring two terrific uptempo Rockabilly sides. "Pretend" is a clear sequel to "Mona Lisa" musically, but is richly enjoyable on its own merits. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" to hear the song.

Out of Stock

ZZ Top, London 251
ZZ Top
1977, London 251
Genre: Southern Rock
This terrific rocker may not have gotten much airplay at the time, but have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" and tell me it's not one of ZZ Top's greatest tunes!

Out of Stock

Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens, Reprise 27964
Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens
1988, Reprise 27964
Genre: Country
This great duet with Buck Owens — a tribute to Owens' classic "Bakersfield" style of country music — became Yoakam's first #1 country hit.

In Stock

Stray Cats, EMI 8132
Stray Cats
1982, EMI 8132
Genre: Rockabilly/Retro
Produced by Dave Edmunds, this Stray Cats single revives the best of 1950s Rockabilly and was a key tune in the early 1980s Rockabilly revival that started in England.

In Stock

Roy C, Three Gems 107
Roy C
1982, Three Gems 107
Genre: Deep Soul
This beautiful recording gets on such a magnificent groove in a splendid, minimalist arrangement that I had to grab an mp3 "snippet" of it for our online "jukebox." So have a listen... Hope it grabs you the way it did me. :-) By the way, this version of the song is not available in iTunes or other online services.

In Stock

Norman Connors, Buddah 570
Norman Connors
1977, Buddah 570
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
The A side is a dynamite dancer at the cusp of Funky Soul and Northern Soul... a definite keeper! The vocal is by Prince Phillip Mitchell.

In Stock

Pat Peterman, 123 1727
Pat Peterman
1970, 123 1727
Genre: Funky Soul
Here's a beautiful promo copy of this rare 1970 single, which features a dynamite Funky Soul outing on the A side... check out the mp3 "snippet".

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