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Chronological List of Site Additions

As I add 45s to our inventory, I pick select 45s to highlight with mp3 "snippets" so you can hear the music yourself. I only record "snippets" of tunes I particularly like, ones I think have been under-played and under-appreciated, or ones that are so rare and wonderful I'll never hear them otherwise. For myself, I keep an iTunes playlist of these "snippets," and that playlist is one I listen to most often. These pages chronicle the mp3 "snippets" I've added to our online "jukebox" in reverse chronological order. You can browse the pages to see what was added and when. Click on the blue "Play" button to play the snippet, or click on a song's title to load the page. Many of these 45 records are still for sale, though just as many have been sold. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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April 2016 (29 Added)

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The Moody Blues, Threshhold 67012
The Moody Blues
1973, Threshhold 67012
Genre: Progressive Rock
More evidence that the Moodies weren't the wimps they are sometimes made out to be. Great drumming, singing, bass & guitar work add up to classic rock that just doesn't get played much anymore.

In Stock

Steely Dan, ABC 11338
Steely Dan
1972, ABC 11338
Genre: Progressive Rock
This essential single has a delightful 3:57 edited version of the much longer LP cut. I've made an even shorter — but still, at 2:30, it's about as twice as long as usual for my jukebox "snippets" — mp3 snippet so you can hear this particular recording, and so I can enjoy even more of the song as I rotate through my snippets playlist. :-)

Out of Stock

Led Zeppelin, Atlantic 2849
Led Zeppelin
1971, Atlantic 2849
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
There really hadn't been anything like this before, and nothing but pale imitations since. Of course, there haven't been any musicians like John Bonham and Jimmy Page, or vocalists like Robert Plant. Not that this is the very best thing they did together, but it's surely their hardest-rocking single. This amazing promo has an edited version (labeled as "Edited Short Version") of the album cut that's about a minute shorter — very skillfully done, so that by the end I couldn't think of what parts were missing!

Out of Stock

Dusty Springfield, Philips 40162
Dusty Springfield
1964, Philips 40162
Genre: Girl Group
Here's an especially nice copy of Dusty Springfield's first hit single, another of England's own making her way in the States. The classic A side is one of the best tunes of the girl group era, which amazingly enough failed to crack the Billboard Top 10.

Out of Stock

The Shirelles, Scepter 1211
The Shirelles
1960, Scepter 1211
Genre: Girl Group
Besides the essential A side ("Will You Love Me Tomorrow"), the flip is the terrific original version of a song later covered by the Beatles. Personally, I think it's one of the best Shirelles sides ever, so I've made an mp3 "snippet" so I can hear it as often as I like! It's a perfect encapsulation of that pubescent anticipation of what being intimate with the opposite sex will be like... in this case, imagining sensual thrills previously unimaginable. No wonder John Lennon & his comrades felt they had to weigh in with their own reading of "Boys." :-)

In Stock

Sterling Magee, Tangerine 975
Sterling Magee
1967, Tangerine 975
Genre: Funky Soul
This rare single offers two terrific slices of Southern Soul... one variety of which I call "Funky Soul." The B side starts off with an unstoppable groove that I guarantee will make you want to shake your feet! If you don't believe me, have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" I just added to our online "jukebox"!

Out of Stock

The Intruders, Gamble 204
The Intruders
1966, Gamble 204
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
Double Wow! No wonder this group stayed (mostly) away from driving, uptempo dance music after the way this amazing single was ignored. One of their earliest, it shows sides of the band that are perhaps the best I've yet heard. Both sides are terrific uptempo Northern Soul with the emerging Philly style, but I've chosen to make an mp3 snippet of the A side because its driving rhythm is so intense you just can't ignore it: This is music meant to be danced to, and danced hard! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

In Stock

Dizzy Gillespie, Perception 1
Dizzy Gillespie
1969, Perception 1
Genre: Soul Instrumentals
I simply had to make an mp3 "snippet" of this amazing track, since it's not available in iTunes and you simply won't believe it was made by a jazz trumpeter. I almost put in the Funk genre, cause it's so freakin'... Fonky!

Out of Stock

Dean Parrish, Boom 60016
Dean Parrish
1966, Boom 60016
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Talk about great dance music! With this little 45, you get two dynamite dancers. Both are well worth seeking out, but I particularly liked the B side, so check out the mp3 "snippet" I just added to our online "jukebox."

In Stock

The Monzas, Pacific 7731
The Monzas
1965, Pacific 7731
Genre: Other Northern Soul
Here's a case where the A side ("Ain't It The Truth") is apparently the tune that fires up Northern Soul dance floors, but my vote goes with the B side stomper. I wonder if no one plays "In My Lonely Room" in Northern Soul dance clubs, and if so, how could they miss such an obvious winner? Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" to see what I mean! By the way, the year of release is a guesstimate.

In Stock

Night Owl Band, Wave 366
Night Owl Band
1978, Wave 366
Genre: Funky Soul
This rare 1978 single features two dynamite Funky Soul-style dancers you won't want to miss. Check out the mp3 "snippet" of the B side I've put in our online "jukebox!"

Out of Stock

Chuck Berry, Chess 1906
Chuck Berry
1964, Chess 1906
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
This is one of Chuck Berry's very best singles from his 1960s career... not to be missed!

In Stock

Mr. Acker Bilk, Atco 6217
Mr. Acker Bilk
1962, Atco 6217
Genre: Pop Instrumentals
This is not a particularly valuable record, but it's one of my personal favorites and is on my perpetual hunt list everywhere I shop. It's easy to find copies in trashed condition, but finding one with Near Mint or better audio has proven difficult. Note that we give this one a 2-star recommendation: That means, if you're a fan of Easy Listening or Pop Instrumentals, you must have a copy of this single. Even if you're not, I think you'll like it... such a gorgeous clarinet tone, what's not to like? After all, note that it was also a hit on the Black/RnB singles chart in 1962... quite a broad appeal.

In Stock

Dexy's Midnight Runners, Mercury 76189
Dexy's Midnight Runners
1983, Mercury 76189
Genre: Horn Rock
If you own but one tune by these guys, this is definitely it! Irrepressibly joyful and infectiously tuneful, this one deserves its own place in the classic 45s "jukebox" ... so I'm adding a snippet. Now I can hear it more often!

Out of Stock

The Marvellos, Loma 2045
The Marvellos
1967, Loma 2045
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
This great single features two dynamite, Motown-style dancers. I liked the A side so much right away I had to get an mp3 "snippet" of it in our online "jukebox"... so have a listen!

Out of Stock

Joan Armatrading, A&M 1898
Joan Armatrading
1976, A&M 1898
Genre: Folk Rock
Simply astounding! I saw Armatrading in concert in 2015, and she's still as impressive as when I first heard her back in the mid-1970s. This is one of her signature tunes, without which you simply don't have a Joan Armatrading collection. :-) Love it so much I had to put an mp3 "snippet" in our jukebox; sorry for its length: I couldn't find an earlier place to cut it and wanted to preserve the lovely Stereo mix. By the way, if you love the song you'll never hear a better rendition of it than on this little 7-inch 45: The sound is incredible and even better than on the "Joan Armatrading" LP from which it comes.

Out of Stock

The Gee Cees, Crest 1088
The Gee Cees
1961, Crest 1088
Genre: Instrumental Rock
This obscure single features two Rock instrumentals that are highly sought-after because of who plays guitar on them: The A side features some heavy, muscular guitar work by Glen Campbell, and the flip finds Eddie Cochran providing the guitar chops. Some might call this sound Rockabilly... others might say "Surf," but whatever you call it, it's the real thing! This was the only single the studio group produced, and it's well worth seeking out. Check out the mp3 "snippet" of "Buzz Saw" to hear what I mean.

Out of Stock

Donnie Elbert, Gateway 757
Donnie Elbert
1965, Gateway 757
Genre: Other Northern Soul
"Leather" is one of those tunes that Northern Soul dee-jays love to mix in with their sets — it's a dynamite dancer featuring Elbert's trademark falsetto.

Out of Stock

Ruby Johnson, V-Tone 222
Ruby Johnson
1960, V-Tone 222
Genre: Rockin' RnB
Both sides of this Rockin' RnB monster are worth seeking out, but I liked the single so much I had to choose one for an mp3 "snippet" for our online jukebox. Have a listen to the A side.

Out of Stock

Telma Laverne, Northern Del-La 502
Telma Laverne
1966, Northern Del-La 502
Genre: Northern Soul, Motown Style
Now, here's a rare Detroit Soul 45 you just don't see very often, with two dynamite sides that definitely grow on you with repeated listening. I decided to make mp3 "snippets" of each side since the record is so rare and I couldn't decide which side I prefer. Enjoy!

In Stock

Full Force, Columbia 05623
Full Force
1985, Columbia 05623
Genre: Funk/Hip-Hop/Go-Go
This drop-dead Hip Hop track is one I've been looking for since I sold my original back in 2002... it's that good! Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" if you doubt me. :-)

Out of Stock

Little Bob, La Louisianne 8067
Little Bob
1965, La Louisianne 8067
Genre: Rockin' RnB
This single's A side, a Dee Clark cover, really impressed me with its crisp instrumentation, but on turning the platter over I found a truly powerful drinking song with the same awesome production as the A side. I'm so impressed I've rush-released an mp3 "snippet" so you can share my excitement: "I Got Loaded" is pure dynamite!

Out of Stock

Bobby Long, Vegas 500
Bobby Long
1964, Vegas 500
Genre: Rockin' RnB
This track is absolute dynamite! If you don't believe me, check out the mp3 "snippet" I've added to our online "jukebox." Besides the in-your-face rocking music, this is a very rare pressing on translucent, marbelized colored vinyl that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

In Stock

Lady Frances, Spotlight 2001
Lady Frances
1962, Spotlight 2001
Genre: Girl Group
I couldn't find out the exact year this baby was released (I'm guessing 1962), and as far as I can determine "Lady Frances" released no other 45s, but that doesn't mean this isn't one exciting bundle of early 1960s Girl Group rock! The A side is particularly sweet.

Out of Stock

Bread, Elektra 45720
1971, Elektra 45720
Genre: Soft Rock
I still think this is my favorite Bread track... the lyrics are hopelessly romantic, but that's just what you want when you're hopelessly in love. And the arrangement suits the mood perfectly. David Gates has concocted a perfect Pop confection that should not be dismissed merely because it is so. The sheer beauty of the music, song, voice, lyrics literally brings me to tears when I'm in a certain mood. The vision of my dear wife coming and "pouring herself on me" when I'm feeling down, and of our ultimately "flying away" from our worldly cares and woes together, evokes such poignancy for me that I feel it's happening... as the music plays. I finally found a copy of with audio good enough to record for my iTunes library, but when I began to make the mp3 "snippet" for Classic 45s, I simply could not find a reasonable place to edit this nearly perfect musical "poem," so I ended up including the entire 2:33 song as the snippet. If you are inclined to dismiss Bread and David Gates, do me a favor and listen to the entirety of the snippet. This level of creativity in Soft Rock definitely deserves our 2-star recommendation, and I hope you agree. Enjoy!

Out of Stock

The Inexpensive Handmade Look, Brunswick 55334
The Inexpensive Handmade Look
1967, Brunswick 55334
Genre: Garage/Psych
Looking for some Garage/Psych Rock you haven't heard before? How about this one... it was sure a surprise to me! Have a listen to the mp3 snippet and you'll see why I rush-released it into our online "jukebox!"

In Stock

Space, Casablanca 974
1979, Casablanca 974
Genre: Techno/Synth Pop
This French studio "Disco" concoction fools you at first... It starts out sounding like boilerplate Funk/Disco with the emphasis on the bass line, but as the song progresses the percussion and piano begin to exert their force, and slowly the performance creeps up and finally reveals something truly special. Definitely worth a second or even third listen if aren't entranced by the snippet we're providing on first listen. (The snippet is unusually long for us... I typically try to keep them under 1:40, but here I had to lop off some from the beginning as well as a chunk from the end, and still you never hear the best bits which take place in the last 1/4 of the track.)

In Stock

Lenny Williams, Knobhill 970
Lenny Williams
1986, Knobhill 970
Genre: Other Northern Soul
The A side is a fabulous Northern Soul-style dancer — a real rarity in the Hip/Hop/Funk 1980s! Williams was formerly lead singer for Tower of Power.

In Stock

Willie Harry Wilson, Haven 801
Willie Harry Wilson
1976, Haven 801
Genre: Northern Soul, Philly Style
This dynamite Philly-style dancer starts with a bang and just keeps going — check it out!

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